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Grant Recipient: Woofgang Rescue

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Today after church, our family met with one of the first recipients of an Emma Loves Dogs Foundation grant.

We met the Director of Woofgang Rescue, Jodie, and her husband to award them with $3,000 to help with puppy mill rescues. They rescue and rehome over 1,000 dogs a year!

Emma would be so proud of this organization.

Today is also 4 weeks since Emma went to Heaven, and another amazing thing happened to show us that her spirit is ALIVE and well.

We were messaged about a group of school aged girls who delivered cookies, candy canes and dog treats in their community to spread kindness in Emma’s name.

We miss Emma everyday, but today we shed some tears of happiness. Emma’s spirit is with us all. You are all #TeamEmma

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