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We just returned home from a short weekend to Spring Green for Thanksgiving. Spent great time with family and friends but struggled with all of “the firsts”.

The first time we went to Spring Green without Emma. The first time we slept in our room at Grandma and Grandpa’s with Emma’s bed empty. Our first family meal with a place set for Emma but the chair was empty.

We know we aren't the only ones dealing with loss right now and knew these firsts were going to be hard.

What I wasn’t expecting was a stop for gas and bathroom break on the ride in. Everything seemed fine until we all got back in the car and Tammy lost it. She realized that was the first time she has used a public bathroom alone in over 8 years. Emma would always go with her mom, and I would take the boys.

The realization hit Tammy hard. It’s going to be a lot of unexpected little things that trigger our emotions.

However, it’s not all tears and sadness. We share many laughs and fond memories. We have also noticed many posts of people who are doing acts of kindness and even adopting dogs in honor of Emma.

We are THANKFUL for all of you who have supported our family during this extremely difficult time. Hope you all had a great Holiday weekend.

Emma Loves Dogs

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